Meet Our Team Members

Amanda Bachman’s journey with MB Homes began when she joined forces with Matt Baldwin to assist in steering the company’s growth. In the absence of a defined role, Amanda took the initiative to craft her own, aligning it with the company’s needs to not only manage but to propel MB Homes forward.

With her astute insight into the industry as a seasoned real estate broker with a decade of experience in buyer interactions, land acquisition, and builder collaborations, Amanda expanded her responsibilities organically, becoming an integral part of MB Homes’ success story. Her contributions were pivotal in not just managing the company’s operations but in fostering its expansion and prosperity. This adaptability and proactive approach marked her as a cornerstone in MB Homes’ evolution, shaping a role that was indispensable in propelling the company’s trajectory.

Amanda’s exceptional start at MB Homes saw her securing a contract per week in her initial three weeks, a testament to her proficiency in customer engagement and lead follow-ups. She attributes the company’s success to its tight-knit team culture, where collaboration is paramount despite its smaller size. Everyone contributes to each home’s knowledge base, thanks to a hands-on approach cultivated within the team.

Amanda feels the company’s strength lies in its streamlined processes, facilitated by a robust construction management system. This system ensures everyone involved, from buyers and agents to project managers, stays updated on the progress of each home—a key factor in their efficiency.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Amanda is an avid college football enthusiast and an alumna of NC State. As a single mother to a high school senior, she aspires for her child to follow in their family tradition and become a third-generation NC State graduate. Her dedication, expertise, and commitment to both her career and family underscore her as an invaluable asset to MB Homes.


New Construction Coordinator