Meet Our Team Members

Carson Beard is a dedicated Project Manager at MB Homes, bringing a wealth of 13 years’ experience in the construction industry. While his tenure at MB Homes spans six months, his expertise extends across various construction facets, from working with building companies to mastering grading, concrete work, and land acquisition & development.

Originally from Mississippi, Carson now calls Wake Forest home, driven by his passion for building homes that resonate with the community. At MB Homes, he finds immense fulfillment in the camaraderie among colleagues, cherishing the shared goal of delivering dream homes to eager buyers.

Carson’s motivation stems from witnessing the joy of new homeowners settling into their abodes, a thought that fuels his dedication throughout the construction process. He firmly believes in a philosophy of unwavering integrity—no corners cut, no shortcuts taken. For Carson, doing things right the first time is paramount.

His focus on quality craftsmanship and commitment to excellence reflects his dedication to ensuring that each home built under his supervision becomes a cherished space for its owners. Carson’s motivation revolves around not just constructing houses, but creating homes where families can thrive and make lasting memories.


Project Manager