Meet Our Team Members

Nicole Caddell is a vital asset as the Office Manager and Warranty Specialist at MB Homes, contributing her expertise for the past 2 1/2 years. With a background in banking, she seamlessly manages office operations, overseeing payroll, accounts payable, reconciliations, and more, ensuring the smooth functioning of administrative tasks.

Nicole has a 13-year background in construction materials,  and previously worked for a homebuilder for four years before joining MB Homes. As the Warranty Specialist, she plays a pivotal role in assisting homeowners through their one-year walk-through, addressing any concerns or issues that may have surfaced during their initial year in their new home.

Born and bred in Durham, Nicole has a deep-rooted connection to the local community. She thrives in the close-knit, “small company vibe” at MB Homes, enjoys the environment where individuality is embraced. Within this cohesive team dynamic, she appreciates the collaborative spirit that drives everyone towards a common goal—ensuring tasks are completed meticulously and to the highest standards.

Nicole’s dedication to ensuring homeowners’ satisfaction reflects the mission of MB Homes. Her commitment to resolving issues with precision and care during the crucial first year in a new home underscores her dedication to excellence. In her multifaceted role, she plays an integral part in upholding the company’s reputation for exceptional customer service and reliability.


Office Manager & Warranty Specialist